“The DMS is a tool that we use with all of our clients to help improve soft-tissue quality, improve mobility & flexibility, and to help one feel better overall. Our clients love it! It is THE best massage tool on the market that trainers and therapists alike can use to get powerful results. You will recoup your investment in no-time and your clients will be asking for it after every session.”

Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS
Owner, Fitness Quest 10 & Todd Durkin Enterprises
Head, Under Armour Performance Training Council
Author, The IMPACT! Body Plan


California Physical Therapy Assoc.
CPTA Oakland Sept 30 to Oct 3rd
Marriot Oakland City Center

The DMS is a great tool for any Physical Therapy office.
Stop by the booth and see why.

“The dms has been an extremely useful tool for pre and post workouts. It helps maintain my soft tissue, which allows me to move better and recover more quickly. I love it!”

Association of Volleyball Professionals

Thanks again!
Rachel Wacholder-Scott